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Admont Abbey Library, Austria



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Locations - Versailles

Marie Antoinette (Sofia Coppola)



  • Place of origin: England, Great Britain (made)
  • Date: 1775-1870 (made)
  • Materials and Techniques: Silk with boning and lined with linen
  • This gown is an example of a new style introduced in the 1770s called a polonaise. Using buttons and loops, the skirt of the gown was draped up to create the swathed effect at the back shown here. Also popular during this decade were a range of striped fabrics, often in a complex arrangement of colours with both sharp and shaded edges, as seen in this example.

    Draping the skirt was not only a fashionable option. It also served as a practical method of raising the skirt above the dirt and dust on the ground.”

    The V&A Museum

Ryou looked up at the new follower, Smiling at him,. “Bonjour.” she curtsied, Placing on a smile. “How are you this evening? Could I offer you food or drink?”


"Uh… No?" He narrowed his eyes at the girl, obviously perturbed by her similarity to his cousin.

She furrowed her eyebrows and nodded. “All right. Would you care to talk?”

Ryou looked up at the new follower, Smiling at him,. “Bonjour.” she curtsied, Placing on a smile. “How are you this evening? Could I offer you food or drink?”








Levi quirked an eyebrow, “Depends what’s on offer.” He turned to look at the woman properly, “Where am I, if it’s not too rude to ask.”

"Well, I have tea, Wine, Champagne, Milk, Water and my husband has hard liquors. I also have sandwiches and pastries." she replied with a small nod. "You are at the chateau de Est-Luc." she replied looking at him.

Well that sure as hell wasn’t inside the walls. Levi looked around at the sumptuous surroundings, blinking slowly, then said, “Tea. Black.” He looked at his uniform, feeling rather underdressed, then added, “Please.”

"Of course." she nodded with a smile, Waving a hand to a servant. "Please. Have a seat." she smiled, Waving the same dainty hand to two chair and a small table.

Levi looked at the chairs and table with a confused expression on his face, but he takes one of the seats, brushing down his tall boots a little to clean himself up some.

She sat down and fixed her dress as a servant sat a tray of tea and biscuits on the table. “Merci.” Ryou smiled with a nod before looking at the man. “May I ask of your name?” she asked, Pouring tea into a cup before stirring in sugar.

Levi watched the woman, feeling a little like a cornered animal. He made himself relax, then replied, “Levi. I’m Levi. Where am I, out of interest?”

"It’s a pleasure to meet you, Levi." she smiled with a nod. "You are in the chateau de Est-Luc." she replied, Looking up. "Outside of both Versailles and Paris, France."


The Love Letter - Jean-Honore Fragonard


The Love Letter - Jean-Honore Fragonard

Ryou looked up at the new follower, Smiling at him,. “Bonjour.” she curtsied, Placing on a smile. “How are you this evening? Could I offer you food or drink?”


Ryou blinked as he looked at the girl who resembled him quite a bit, it was a bit shocking.

Nonetheless he smiled sheepishly, “Good day,” he said politely, “Uhm..do you have creampuffs by any chance?”

She smiled as he took time to figure out where he was. “I do.” she replied with a nod to a servant. “Please. Have a seat.” she waved a dainty hand to a small table with two chairs.

Traverling to London (( closed rp with duchess-ryou )) 





She gave a smile, Nodding ever so slightly. She would try to rest, But with all the tittering and jolting around, She didn’t think that was going to manageable. She wondered what the trip back was going to be like. After a long trip and her stomach even bigger than then it is now. She took in a breath. “I will try, Merci.” she replied, Smiling. “I hope so. It looks like you could fairly use one as well.” she replied with a small nod.

Marik was making a mental note to make sure there were more pillows and such cushioning material, mostly for her to make it less uncomfortable of traveling. Though he nodded to her words, trusting her to sleep if she was able to; but he wouldn’t be surprised if the other couldn’t get any sleep. “I aim to try, but I thank you for your concern there as well……” he trailed off with a faint groan, “I am tired that should’ve been said when your first noticed… “

((say anytime you would like to I am fine with time skipping to London, just letting you know ^^))

Ryou closed her eyes as she took in the swings of the carriage. At least she didn’t have her corset or panniers on, Which made her happier and calmer. They were tight, Restricting. Especially for a carriage ride. She had a simple gown, Straight and not too over the top like ladies in fashion would normally wear. It was comfortable. For the most part. She knew the panniers were waiting for her though when they arrived.”You’re welcome, You Grace.” she replied, Looking up at the groan. She smiled a bit and nodded.

[That’s fine. Anytime is fine by me.]

Marik smiled at her words, still feeling like a complete nitwit for not thanking her for her concern sooner. With a mental sigh he rested back, his eyes on her, though if one were to notice they steadily drooped till they closed fully. The movement of the carriage was lulling him to sleep.

Chances are he would stay asleep until they reach their destination, unless disturbed, or the carriage stopped abruptly.

((alright… hope this response works for a lead way into a time skip))

Ryou watched him a bit, Her eyes becoming heavier and heavier with every blinked she made. She yawned slightly and let her eyes drop closed completely. She felt the carriage jerk a few times, Causing her to startle awake, But stayed asleep the remainder of the journey.

She heard to knocks like a cane on the door, And then the coachman open the door. “Are we there yet?” she looked up and rubbed at her eyes.”
"We have, Your Grace." he bowed and pulled out the step ladder.

  passionofdarkness    London